Book Guestology 2.0

Vincent Vermeulen, founder and director of School for Butlers & Hospitality, is the fourth generation within his family to make their mark in the hospitality sector. After his career as a butler, which gave him a global network of star restaurants and international luxury brands, he founded School for Butlers in Bruges. However, it did not take long before companies asked his help in improving or even introducing the hospitality mindset. This also resulted in the book What can we learn from butlers.

Guestology 2.0 goes a few steps further and includes a methodology that brings the customer experience DNA of every company to life thanks to a mapped out six-step process. The process, in which the input of all stakeholders (management, customers and team) is crucial, aims to result in the implementation of a concrete customer journey as it should be: 100% tailored to the company. Guestology 2.0 is for every company, regardless of sector.